DON: We have noticed in the past when you have been counseling an individual that often they will be across the room from you, while Thomas’s eyes are closed—and they are perched on the edge of their chair and almost wringing their hands as you speak to them, pursing their lips and preparing to break in, to speak while you are speaking, and we have seen you pause, evidently aware of their desire, and give them permission to speak. Is this . . . is that an example of the psychic sensitivity?

DR. PEEBLES: Yes. It is not because of any physical vision. It’s because between all life there is connection, there is synchronicity, there is a field of energy that is disturbed or affected by every movement and every thought—and the thoughts, the emotions behind the physical wringing of hands or pursing of lips is much stronger and . . . the thoughts and emotions have a much more dramatic effect on the field of energy than physical movements. And so in turn, it’s like I’m on the end of the rope over here, and the rope is being shaken—and I can feel it, you see.

DON: Well, on a scale of zero to ten, with man at zero and God at ten, where on that scale is the spiritual realm?

DR. PEEBLES: Well, the spiritual realm of teachers—what humans perhaps too often would call master—is the nine, the realm of nine. Ultimately, from the absolute highest perspective, we would have to take exception to your scale and remind you that everyone is always part of ten, everyone is ten, right now, no matter what their self-image, you see. But from the place you’re looking, the way you ask the question, the locality of the teachers that we are, and others, it is of nine.

DR. PEEBLES: The truth of the universe is that all things are one. All things want to learn and thereby they expand. As does the universe.