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Here is an excerpt from the article “What Do People Ignorant about ‘Channeling’ Find Unbelievable Concerning the Subject?”:

A case study book about Thomas Jacobson channeling Dr. Peebles is To Dance with Angels (1990) by Don and Linda Pendleton of Southern California. Notes provided on the book jacket inside flaps identify James Martin Peebles as having been “born in Vermont in 1822 and died nearly one hundred years later in Los Angeles. Clergyman, physician, author, and world traveler, he was highly active on Earth and, from the other side, has remained keenly interested in human destiny, regarding communication with Earth as ‘my greatest recreation, greatest pleasure, and most extraordinary growth.” The Pendletons are quoted: ” . . . it became a book that had to be written. We could not have kept this information to ourselves.”

To Dance with Angels includes commentary of ‘Dr. Peebles’ about a new age—the Age of Aquarius—that is documented to have been announced by numerous channeled ‘entities’:

“. . . at the turn of the century you are upon a new age. There is no need for anyone to feel disconcerted or offended by that concept, but instead to celebrate the new with awareness that the new always incorporates the old, without exception but with a new twist, a new slant, another review.”