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“Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce Millennial Prophecy Fulfillment”


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Here is an excerpt from the article “Of Prophecies and Patterns”:

Nandor Fodor didn't have access to the information from the English translation of Nostradamus's letter to Francois Berard that includes the statement: " . . . with the spirit dictating to me, as though carried away by a poetic frenzy I launched myself into the following verses . . ."  Not considering the possibility of transcendental communication being a factor (with many such cases chronicled to encompass foreign languages), Nandor Fodor described the Nostradamus quatrains as being "veiled" in meaning with "a medley of languages, using French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Latin, Greek and Hebrew words, making anagrams and syllable permutations . . . Nostradamus was a Roman Catholic and no enemy to the Church.  In fact he predicted the coming of a purified faith in the faraway future when 'le corps sans âme plus n'estre en sacrifice' (the death of the body will no more be considered a sacrifice) and 'Jour de la mort mis en nativité' (the day of death will become another birthday) . . . Other forecasts apply closely to the Great War . . . some others to years to come.  Their meaning, however, can only be grasped in the light of fulfilment.  Hundreds of quatrains still wait for explanation."  In the letter to Francois Berard, Nostradamus referred to "Michael the Archangel" as "my invincible patron."