Paranormal Letters

These are the two letters given to Truman Bethurum as chronicled in the case study Aboard a Flying Saucer (1954). One of the quoted statements of the female flying saucer captain is: “There is more to this than meets the eye. It is impossible for me to explain to you so that you can understand. And I’m not certain I ought, even were it possible. Remember, I am speaking to you in a tongue quite foreign to me about matters entirely foreign to your comprehension.” Truman mentioned something he’d noticed about talking to ‘Captain Aura Rhanes’: “I had several questions just on the tip of my tongue that I never had a chance to ask, because she seemed to have the power of channeling my questions along a line that she was willing or possibly even anxious to answer . . . I even asked her questions about the solar system and her religion. And she told me, ‘We worship a Supreme Deity who sees, knows and controls all.'” (An English translation of the letter in French may be read in a 2016 blog article.) Previous articles about paranormal case studies with letters as a factor are “The Mahatma Letters”, “The ITC Letters”, “A Sitting with Slate-Writing Medium Mr. P. O. Keeler 1911” and “The Bangs Sisters”.