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Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

“When Col. Olcott Met Madame Blavatsky”

“H. S. Olcott and ‘The Science of Eastern Magic’”

“H. S. Olcott’s Old Diary Leaves (First Volume) . . .”

“Phenomena and Madame H. P. Blavatsky”

“Three Accounts of ‘Precipitated’ Portraits . . .”

“Col. Olcott and Madame Blavatsky in India 1879-1883”

“A. P. Sinnett’s Occult World”

“A Period of Scandal, Gloom and Unrest 1883-1887”

“The Passing of Helen Petrovna Blavatsky”

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“The Mahatma Letters”

“Esoteric Doctrine of the Masters”

Guy and Edna Ballard

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“Esoteric Doctrine of the Masters”

“Ascended Masters and the Sun”

“Supernormal Phenomena: Distinguishing Serious Research . . .”

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“Some Recordings of Channeling”

“Ten Channeled Perspectives of ‘Christ Consciousness’”

"A Channeled Discourse Transcript of 'Jesus Christ' 1935"

"Evidence of the Angelic Force Through Channeled Discourse Transcripts"

"The Consummate Cosmic Lesson that Preceded World War II — and Still Applies Now"

"An Example of the 'I AM Presence' In Action"

"The Nature of 'Ascended Masters'—and 'Space People'—Revealed"

"'Saint Germain' On God and The Devil, Fear, Spiritual Planes, Prophecies, Cataclysm, Love, Gossip, Expansion, and More"

"A Channeled Discourse Transcript of the 'Tall Master from Venus' 1937"

"YOUR Own Greatest Decision In Life Today Articulated by the Ascended Host"

"News Release: The Paranormal Case Chronology of Guy and Edna Ballard Has Now Been Profiled In-Depth — Evidently for the First Time Ever"

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Here is an excerpt from the article “H. S. Olcott and ‘The Science of Eastern Magic’” concerning the topic of Ascended Masters / Masters of Wisdom: 

In the first volume of Old Diary Leaves, Olcott chronicled the writing and editing of HPB’s Isis Unveiled spanning the summer of 1875 through 1877.  He had often been left to contemplate her states of consciousness in respect to the creation of the book and was convinced that elements of the book which could not be traced to accessible literary sources of quotation had been drawn “From the Astral Light, and, by her soul-senses, from her Teachers—the ‘Brothers,’ ‘Adepts,’ ‘Sages, ‘Masters,’ as they have been variously called.”  Olcott cited letters written by HPB to her family.  Excerpts of these letters were published in articles by Vera Johnston, HPB’s niece, in Path magazine.  Olcott commented about these letters: 

In those she plainly admits that her body was occupied at such times, and the literary work done by foreign entities who taught me through her lips and gave out knowledge of which she herself did not possess even a glimmering in her normal state.