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“Sharing Diverse Aspects of my ‘Paranormal Initiation”


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Here is an excerpt from the article “Sharing Diverse Aspects of my ‘Paranormal Initiation”:


Continuously throughout the years while writing these metaphysical articles, when typing I've occasionally noticed my fingers hitting certain keys that have come to be associated with a specific meaning or 'suggestion' from my unseen Collaborator.  When I notice one of my fingers suddenly hit the comma key unintentionally, this is the symbol to delete the current sentence as there is something about it that must be incorrect or not necessary.  Some symbols that occasionally recur should be easy for anyone to interpret, such as the semicolon.  Once every now and then one of my fingers will suddenly type the M key without any conscious intention.  These occasions seem to be simple reminders of the unlimited nature of my unseen Collaborator.  

This Testament photo of a message left in bird gravel at the 'haunted' home in Oklahoma I'd visited shows the first time I noticed instances of the letter 'M' manifested in a portentous way.

The below images offer some Pop culture examples of  'The M Pattern.' 

"Pop Muzik" was a song by M (headed by singer Robin Scott) in 1979. 

MTV popularized music videos beginning in 1981. 

This image is from a Paris Las Vegas resort concert appearance by Barry Manilow, whose hits include "I Write The Songs". 

In 2019 Meg Myers performed a new version of the Kate Bush song "Running Up That Hill."