“Some Noteworthy Instances of Seance Room Photography”

“Essential Perspectives on Mediums and Materialization”


“Willy Reichel’s First Seance with ‘Materialization Medium’ . . .”

“Trance Communication and D. D. Home”

“No. 1 Seance from Experiences in Spiritualism with Mr. D. D. Home”

“On The Side Of Angels: The Life Story of Gordon Higginson”

“Phenomena of Materialization”

“A Lesson in Materialization Phenomena (with 21 documentary photos)”

“Teleplastics Materialization: Investigations, Photos, Riddles”

“Considering the Riddles of ‘Unexplained Phenomena'”

“Florence Marryat’s Account of John and Katie King”

“John King in the Books of W. Usborne Moore”

“The First Seance from Glimpses of the Next State”

“The ‘Automatic Mirror Writing’ of Mrs. Georgia”

“‘We’ and the Mediums of Oneness”

“A Sitting with Slate-Writing Medium Mr. P. O. Keeler 1911”

“The Bangs Sisters”

“From the Next State: ‘Galileo’ and ‘Sir Isaac Newton'”

“Glimpses of the Next State”

“The Brothers Davenport”

“When Col. Olcott Met Madame Blavatsky”

“H. S. Olcott and ‘The Science of Eastern Magic'”

“People From The Other World”

“Materialization Mediumship”

“Entity Materialization Experiment Reports and Transcripts 1914

“A Momentous Truth Suppressed (from Voices in the Dark)”

“The Truth about ‘Psychic Photography'”

“The Phenomenal Photograph of Mary Todd Lincoln”

“Overlooked Dispensations of the Divine Mind”

"The Materialization Mediumship of Helen Duncan and Afterlife Orientations"

"Photo Evidence: Ignored Blessings of Our Relinquished Divine Status Quo"

"Case Profile: Daniel Dunglas Home (1833-1886)"

"Seance Materialization Phenomena (with Photos) — Ten Evidentiary Books"

"Testimonials about Witnessing Loved Ones Materialize at Seances (with Photos)"

"Accounts of Life in 'The Spirit World'" 

"Spiritualism — Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science Article"

"Arthur Conan Doyle, Harry Houdini and Spiritualism"

"Excerpts from The History of Spiritualism by Arthur Conan Doyle"

"'Spirit-Forms' by William Crookes"

"Paranormal Experiences of Oliver Lodge"

"Materialization Medium Eusapia Paladino and 'spirit Control' 'John King"

"Harry Edwards and the Science of Spiritual Healing"

"J. Arthur Findlay's Overview Commentary about Spiritualism"

"Author Rosalind Heywood's Psychic Experiences and Research"

"A Testimonial of Witnessing Paranormal Revelations During the Spiritualism Epoch"


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Here is an excerpt from the article “The Materialization Mediumship of Helen Duncan and Afterlife Orientations

There are many reasons that evidence of so-called 'paranormal phenomena'—revelatory of the afterlife and 'the God Force'—has been perpetually ignored throughout mainstream media during recent decades while fear-oriented and superstition-oriented videos and articles pertaining to anomalous phenomena proliferate across the Internet.  Journalists may have little correct knowledge about these subjects and there may be assumed imperatives encompassing mistaken perspectives of social consciousness in addition to corporate news topic directives from their company executives.


A medium known for manifestations of people and 'simulacrums' of people from the ascended realm was Helen Duncan (1895-1956).  Psychic News founder/editor Maurice Barbanell wrote The Case of Helen Duncan (1945) at the time of Duncan’s release from the Holloway Jail of London.  She had been sentenced to nine months imprisonment due to prosecution initiated under the Witchcraft Act of 1735.  Barbanell was among the many people who considered this a flagrant miscarriage of justice.  Helen became a person of renown to thousands of people who'd witnessed firsthand the phenomena at her sittings yet there would be further persecution by law enforcement authorities.  As recounted at a commemorative website (and by biographers), the end of Helen's Earth life resulted after the entranced medium was seized by a plainclothes police officer during a séance.  The team of police were completely unaware of potential hazards upon disrupting séance room conditions.