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Here is an excerpt from the article “Reminiscences of Andrew Jackson Davis” concerning his former companion’s transition to ‘the Spirit Home’ after completing her Earth life:

When I received her third visit, I was in the city of Hartford, some five months afterward. On that occasion she seemed to have lost about twenty-five years of age! She was very brilliant, and filled with emotion. She said that she had “seen so many beautiful things, and enjoyed so much!” She wished to tell me something about a “Sunset” she had witnessed in the Spirit Home. She promised, at my request, to be deliberate in her recital, so that I might take it down in writing. While she was standing, with her arm on my shoulder, I wrote the communication which follows: I place it before the reader solely to give him an impression, that no world is more natural than the Second Sphere of human existence.—


THERE are times, my beloved, when I long to speak of my new home.

On the bosom of affection’s memory, I voyage back to the happy days when we together trod the earth.

Once, I feared for us both . . now, for both I love and fear not.

Day before yesterday, our family journeyed along the banks of the “Mornia” . . a lake flowing westward.

Accompanied by the dearest ones we know, we ascended the great Mount . . south of the lake . . called “Starnos,” being somewhat fashioned after a solar body.

And I yearned for thee, beloved . . yet, my spirit was full of love . . breathed from those around me.

I find in the air of my new home . . the house of the spirits of men . . a something blander, and more pleasant, than in any other atmosphere I ever breathed. . . . There is a joy in it to me. . . . But there are many here who seem not to remark this. . . . And then, our sunsets here!

Oh! I would gaze with you, dear brother, on such a sky as glorified this rose-covered spot day before yesterday!

“We visited the summit of Starnos to witness this exhibition. . . . It is likely to occur here once in every eight of your weeks . . I mean the setting of the sun on this side of the Spirit Home.

I would bring thee a full description. . . . But I have no words, beloved!

I have looked to see if that was the evening you wrote respecting your visit at High-Rock Tower . . it was!* (*High-Rock Tower is described in a work by the author entitled The Present Age and Inner Life.)

Should an artist paint the scene that sunlight gave us, it would be said that he had exaggerated the picture. . . . But there is no pencil for such delineation. . . . Art has no hues for such coloring. . . . Language no powers to reveal . . or, if there be words, I feel too much to think them out.

We had been walking around the Lake. . . . The valley was half-viewless and misty with the plenitude of countless odors. . . . And the sea of hills, surrounding Starnos, was half hid by the rainbow-streams of Beauty that were showered down from the sky!

At length, we attained the top of this glorious eminence. . . . We gazed, with unutterable joy, upon the ever-brightening and kindling firmament.

“With us, in company, were many you never knew . . some well know and love you . . others you have seen in the earthly home.

My brothers were with us . . and One, whom I will now call my “guardian angel” . . and William’s Cornelia . . also their recently married daughter . . and James, too, with a group of his recently-formed acquaintances . . and the blessed four you witnessed at High-Rock Tower.

I sought your hand . . I found the memory of your spirit near.

I breathed . . and, the breath I drew was of Life eternal.

And there was no void of existence. . . . Although you did not hold my hand nor administer unto me, yet the fullness of my happiness was all permanent . . all heavenly.

And that sky above us. . . . . It was even more beautiful in the east than in the west. . . . Such a mass of burnished gold. . . . Yet, not all gold . . for here and there a silver edge unrolled . . disclosing the azure sky.

I would that you had seen it, my brother. . . . I can not tell thee of the scene. . . . I can now close my eyes . . and, looking in memory, can see it all again.

There was a glorious cloud . . all clouds are glorious, my brother . . which reflected a far-spreading light upon the sea of hills and the lake below. . . . And Mornia, in consequence, looked like a miniature ocean of liquid gold. . . . The cloud assumed a ruby hue. . . . And, then, the fair flowing Mornia looked like a sea of blood. . . . The light thrown upon the opposite shore, was like a sunny gauze cast over the landscape’s emerald green. . . . And the remote habitations of the “Brotherhood of Morlassia” . . the groves of meditation . . appeared as a great City illuminated. . . . And the environing fields, receiving the crimsoned light, looked like a World on Fire!

We gazed . . and gazed . . and, the sun went down. . . . The lights opposite were put out. . . . And the fair flowing Mornia darkened. . . . And the cloud was first a silver gray . . then dark. . . . ‘Twas night in the Spirit Home!

This is the first time my eyes . . divested of all mortal corruption . . ever gazed upon the sunset.

And I feel that I can no more forget it than I could the event of my new birth here.

Of this, beloved brother, I will hereafter speak.

Our party now descended the rose-covered Mount . . wending our way amid green-hilled groves . . serenaded by the birds of the twilight hour. . . . And, as we stepped from spot to spot, I thought of the glories you had taught me to see with my understanding. . . . . Seeing the FATHER as I now do, I must worship Him in Love. . . . In spirit and in truth I must worship Him!