Metaphysical Aspects of Pop Culture

This 'Pop stars photo montage' exemplifies how thought impulse patterns (such as this one seen among Pop singers) offer evidence of the 'Divine Spark' in everyone.

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Here’s an excerpt from the article “Metaphysical Aspects of Pop Songs” in relation to aspects of popular culture that readers may not have considered before:

To be spiritually aware of ‘God’/’Spirit’/’Universal Source’ (etc.) is knowing that there is an interlinked innate creativity that makes each person what one might call a conscious ‘channel’ — in contrast to the exceptional cases of what has been called ‘trance channeling’ or ‘total takeover’ channeling.

In a 2015 article at this blog “Excerpts from The Call of the Trance”, Catherine Clement is quoted from her book The Call of The Trance: “The possessed today are singers . . .”

Contemplating Catherine Clement’s commentary leads one to consider aspects of life involving ethnology and states of mentality that encompass such activities as songwriting, singing, playing musical instruments, dancing and concertgoing.

Catherine’s book begins with her description of watching a group trance ritual at Dakar in Senegal involving women belonging to “the global masses who live on less than two dollars a day.”

In a great arena of sand, beside the ocean, women are dancing in a state of trance, watched by a thousand onlookers.   They make a majestic entrance, dressed in flounced dresses and lace.

They call the trance that possesses them ‘dancing.’   There are around fifty of them, mostly jobless as are many of those who live in the Medina . . .

The trance doesn’t come easily.   You have to prompt it into being.   Each of the women will go and lodge herself at the burning heart of the rhythm as a willing prisoner of the circle of drums—ten massive instruments wielded by griots [musicians and spokesmen of oral history].  Here they are on the sand, laid flat, unconscious.  The drums essay different rhythms to find the one that will haunt their being.  Now they have it!  The women are coming out of their inertia.  And when they stand, their spirits transform them.Sometimes the spirits [‘rab’] come of their own accord.   That evening at Dakar, a cook from Mali fell down suddenly without warning.   Often mistreated by the trance-mistress, her boss, she wasn’t one of the official group but among the onlookers.  Yet the spirits are no respecters of class distinctions . . . A sudden jolt and off she went.  She was on all fours, growling fiercely.  I saw her up-close.  Her eyes, crazed with worry, rolled in all directions, while her breathing grew panicky and her mouth opened and roared involuntarily while her every limb trembled.  Later I learnt how the cook stopped being a lion.  It was done with raw meat.  After she’d wolfed it down, they said, she fell into a deep sleep.  When I saw her the next day she had a broad smile on her face.  In a voice hoarse from roaring, she confided to me that she felt rested. . . trances and dancing in another body were clearly a holiday from life.  Or much more in fact. Permission to slip out of life, to ‘eclipse themselves.’

The author suggested how people living in developed industrial countries also seek some manner of ‘eclipse’ or break from their daily routines.  Rock concerts fulfill such a desire and the excitement expressed by ‘fans’ can be seen in countless You Tube performance videos.