Parallels Between Paranormal Phenomena Cases

“Channeled Perspectives of the Brain”

“Channeled Perspectives of the Brain (Part 2)”

“The Brain and Psychic Phenomena”

“. . . Pearl Curran, ‘Miss Beauchamp,’ John Dee and Edward Kelly

“Visitors from the Ascended Realm in Comparison”

“Esoteric Doctrine of the Masters”

“Unknown Places of the Earth: Ramtha and John Dee’s Spiritual Diary”

“Significance of ‘Unexplained Phenomena’”

“Links Between ‘Poltergeist’ Cases”

“Metaphorical Correlations Among ‘Paranormal’ Cases”

“Considering the Riddles of ‘Unexplained Phenomena”

“‘We’ and the Mediums of Oneness”

“In Comparison: Four Transcendental Requests”

“‘Poltergeist’ Phenomena: Parallels, Patterns, Puzzles”

“Five Paranormal Encounters with Tiny People”

“I Am The Word

“Channeling ‘Silver Birch’ (In Comparison with Other Cases)”

“Basic Metaphysical Teachings in ‘Channeling’ Cases”

“A Startling Message from the Other Side . . . Luxembourg 1994”

“Channeled Communication about The New Age . . .”

“Ten Channeled Perspectives of ‘Christ Consciousness’”

“Flying Saucer Contactees and the New Age”

“The ‘Bell Witch’ Talking Poltergeist Case”

“Andrew Jackson’s Visit”

“An English Gentleman’s Visit”

“The Bells and Witchcraft Legends”

“The Slaves”

“‘Gef’: A Modern Sphinx as an Esoteric Lesson about Oneness”

“Ghost Adventures”: “Bell Witch Cave”

“In Comparison: Testimonial about a ‘Talking Poltergeist’ . . .”

“Transcendental Communication and Environmental Warnings”

“Here Is UFOlogy’s ‘Bombshell Physical Proof’”

“Reflections and Images – Deciphering Angelic Initiation”

“Two Anecdotes of Psychic Phenomena Showing . . . Precognition”

“UFOlogy and Seance Phenomena Correlations . . .”



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Here is an excerpt from the article “‘Poltergeist’ Phenomena: Parallels, Patterns, Puzzles” to present an example of ways that these articles are offering parallels between paranormal cases:

If a reader is knowledgeable about ‘talking poltergeist’ cases of different epochs, there will be parallels and variations noticeable upon learning about the ‘unexplained phenomena’ chronicled by Deborah Moffitt with her case study of “The True Story of the Moffitt Family Haunting” in Southern California 1987-1992.   A beginning point for such an analysis is offered with the previous blog articles “List of Talking Poltergeist Accounts” and “The Poltergeist In Retrospect”.  The sequence of events is usually found to be strange and bizarre by witnesses reporting their circumstances and typically they have shown little knowledge of the diverse aspects and correlations documented in other cases.  Once an account of a case has been recognized as offering some degree of sincerity, it is the investigator having researched the subject and perhaps even experienced some manner of personal initiation who should be able to develop a meaningful perspective of the various analogies.  The similarities and unique aspects of the cases when considered altogether offer evidence of an omnipresent Spiritual Force.

Also illuminating is comparing the ‘talking poltergeist’ cases with other documented forms of transcendental communication.  Numerous transcripts of transcendental communication affirm the spiritual evolution processes of karma and reincarnation; however, the latter has been explained to be not the only way of spiritual progression for an individual personality/soul on Earth or in the ascended realm of existence.

Transcendental communication transcripts include commentary about the need to elucidate metaphysical truths in a metaphorical way due to the limited understanding of people on Earth.  Persistent readers of this blog may recall the statement from the ‘controlling spirit’ speaking through trance medium Mrs. J. H. Conant in 1869: “. . . In the first place, it should be understood that these séances are not controlled at all times by the same spirit, but for each occasion an intelligence is selected best adapted to that occasion.”  Thus, it may be inferred that a factor for anomalous occurrences is the mentality and spiritual orientations of experiencers.