Mediums and Psychics

Stewart Alexander

“An Extraordinary Journey: The Memoirs of a Physical Medium (2010) by Stewart Alexander”

Rosemary Altea

“Metaphorical Correlations Among ‘Paranormal’ Cases”


The Bangs Sisters

“The Bangs Sisters”


Maurice Barbanell

“Maurice Barbanell: Journalist for the Power of the Spirit”

“Maurice Barbanell’s Memories of Mediumship”

“Metaphysically Revealing Experiences in the Life of Maurice Barbanell”

“Channeling ‘Silver Birch’ (In Comparison with Other Cases)”

“The Mediumship of Mr. Barbanell”

“Life and the Afterlife Explained from the Other Side”

"Perspectives of War from the Other Side" 

Martha Béraud (Eva C)

“Phenomena of Materialization”

“A Lesson in Materialization Phenomena (with 21 documentary photos)”

“Teleplastics Materialization: Investigations, Photos, Riddles”

“Five Paranormal Encounters with Tiny People”

Louisa Bolt (Mrs. Ashdown)

“Report of a Widow Briefly Reunited with Her Husband During a Materialization Seance”


Rosemary Brown

“Rosemary Brown and the Media”

“Rosemary Brown Channeled Songs from John Lennon”

“Rosemary Brown’s Comments about Direct Voice Medium Leslie Flint”

“Channeled Reincarnation Scenarios”

"Case Profile: Rosemary Brown" 


Edgar Cayce

See Channeling


Mrs. J. H. Conant


“Trance Channeling in the 19th Century”


Florence Cook

“Florence Marryat’s Account of John and Katie King”

“Considering the Riddles of ‘Unexplained Phenomena'”

“Entity Materialization Experiment Reports and Transcripts 1914”


Pearl Lenore Curran

“Patience Worth”

“Pearl Lenore Curran’s Reflections about ‘Patience Worth’”

“‘Miss Beauchamp,’ John Dee and Edward Kelly”

“The Case of ‘Patience Worth’”


Frederick Foster Craddock

“The First Seance from Glimpses of the Next State”

“Materialization Mediumship”


Margery Crandon

“. . . ‘Beyond Belief’ Among People Ignorant about Spiritualism”


Peter Clarke

see Direct Voice Phenomena


The Brothers Davenport

“The Brothers Davenport”


Andrew Jackson Davis

“Andrew Jackson Davis – Psychic and Channeler”

“The Starnos Compendium”

“Reminiscences of Andrew Jackson Davis”


Helen Duncan

“Spiritualism . . . and Materialization Mediumship”

“Doris Stokes Described a Seance Conducted by Helen Duncan”

“Materialization Mediumship”

“. . . Helen Duncan and Afterlife Orientations”


John Edward

“Some Recent News Articles about Psychic Phenomena” (2014)


The Eddy Brothers

“When Col. Olcott Met Madame Blavastky”

“People From The Other World”


Leslie Flint

see Direct Voice Phenomena


Arthur Ford

“Transcending the Prevailing Journalism about Paranormal Topics”

“Case Profile: Trance Medium Arthur Ford and ‘Control Spirit’ ‘Fletcher'”

“Arthur Ford’s NDE and . . . ‘The Two Bodies of Man'”

“Arthur Ford’s Reflections . . . Mrs. Houdini and Bishop Pike”

“Trance Medium Arthur Ford and The Sun Myung Moon Sittings”

“Some ‘Evidence’ of The Divine Mind”


Emily S. French

“Researching the Afterlife”


Eileen Garrett

“Channeled Perspectives of the Brain”

“Transcendental Communications from ‘Abduhl Latif'”

“Some Reflections about Channeling and the Creative Process”

“Spiritual Healing”

“Taking a Closer Look at ‘Unexplained Phenomena'”

“Eileen Garrett and the ‘Fantastic Territory'”

“Trance Medium Transcripts: Excerpts from The Image of an Oracle”

Eileen Garrett and Ira Progoff’s . . . Research Collaboration”

“. . . Distinguishing Serious Research from Commercial Exploitation”

“In Comparison: Four Transcendental Requests”

“Some Observations about ‘Channeling'”

“‘Trance Mediumship’ Session Accounts . . .”


Uri Geller

“Case Study: Uri by Andrija Puharich”

“Andrija Puharich’s First Tests of Uri Geller”

“My Search for the Ghost of Flight 401 by Elizabeth Fuller”

“Flying Saucers and ‘The Nine Pattern'”

“Reflections about UFOlogy”


Helen Greaves

“How Psychic Helen Greaves First Learned about Mediumship”

“A Period of Revelatory Dreams and Developing Clairaudience”

“Helen Greaves: Reflections about ‘Spiritual Inter-Communication'”

“Introduction to Testimony of Light”

“Testimony of Light”

“The Wheel of Eternity: How the Witness Learned about Her Task”

“The Wheel of Eternity: The Mistress and The Plan”

“The Wheel of Eternity: The Purpose Fulfilled”

“Helen Greaves: Her Prophetic Dream of the New Age”

“Transcendental Communication Transcripts . . . Living Waters”

“Gifts of the Spirit”


Alec Harris

“The Ectoplasmic Flying Saucer”

“. . . The Full Story of His . . . Physical Mediumship by Louie Harris”


Rosalind Heywood

“‘Poltergeist’ Phenomena: Parallels, Patterns, Puzzles”


Gordon Higginson

“Video Clips of Medium Gordon Higginson (1918-1993) . . .”

“Gordon Higginson’s Visitor from the Ascended Realm”

“On The Side Of Angels: The Life Story of Gordon Higginson”


Daniel Dunglas Home

“Trance Communication and D. D. Home”

“No. 1 Seance from Experiences in Spiritualism with Mr. D. D. Home”

"Case Profile: Daniel Dunglas Home (1833-1886)"


Helen Hughes

Evolution of a Medium”


Cecil Husk

“Florence Marryat’s Account of John and Katie King”

“‘John King’ in the Books of W. Usborne Moore”

“The First Seance from Glimpses of the Next State”

“Entity Materialization Experiment Reports and Transcripts 1914”


A. W. Kaiser

“From the Next State: ‘Galileo’ and ‘Sir Isaac Newton'”

“Glimpses of the Next State”


P. O. Keeler

“A Sitting with Slate-Writing Medium Mr. P. O. Keeler 1911”


Frank Leah

“Two Acclaimed ‘Psychic Artists’: Frank Leah and Coral Polge”


Gladys Osborne Leonard

“Gladys Osborne Leonard’s Steps to Trance Mediumship . . .”

“Trance Medium Gladys Osborne Leonard’s Visits to the Other Side”

“Five Paranormal Encounters with Tiny People”


Marjorie Livingston

See Channeling

Matylda S.

“Seances with Matylda in Poland 1930s”


Matthew Manning

“British GQ Matthew Manning Interview”

“Significance of ‘Unexplained Phenomena’”

“Incidents in the Life of Matthew Manning”

“Matthew Manning and Reincarnation”

“Matthew Manning and Spiritual Healing”


Sally Morgan

“Some Recent News Articles about Psychic Phenomena” (2014)


Sharon Neill

“Second Sight Autobiography by Sharon Neill”


Coral Polge

“Two Acclaimed ‘Psychic Artists’: Frank Leah and Coral Polge”


Mark Probert

See Channeling


Estelle Roberts

“The Trumpet Shall Sound”

“Maurice Barbanell On . . . Estelle Roberts’s Mediumship”


Jane Roberts

 See Channeling


John Campbell Sloan

see Direct Voice Phenomena


Doris Stokes

“You Tube: “Doris Stokes — The Barbican 1986”


Ena Twigg

“Case Profile: Medium Ena Twigg”

“In Comparison: Four Transcendental Requests”


Henrietta ‘Etta’ Wriedt

“From the Next State: ‘Galileo’ and ‘Sir Isaac Newton'”

“Glimpses of the Next State”

“‘John King’ in the Books of W. Usborne Moore”


Francisco Cândido (‘Chico’) Xavier

“Chico Xavier: Medium of the Century by Guy Lyon Playfair”

“Five Videos . . . about Authentic ‘Channeling'”

“Channeled Reincarnation Scenarios”

"A Doctor Describes How He Began His New Life in the Ascended Realm of Existence"



“Hugh Lynn Cayce and Psychic Phenomena”

“Entity Materialization Experiment Reports and Transcripts 1914”

“‘Poltergeist’ Phenomena: Parallels, Patterns, Puzzles”

“Some Recent News Articles about Psychic Phenomena” (2014)


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Here is an excerpt from the article "YouTube: 'Doris Stokes — The Barbican 1986'": 

Vice-Admiral William Usborne Moore’s Glimpses of the Next State (1911) followed the publication of a book he wrote called The Cosmos and the Creeds.  He explained: “I began to feel misgivings as to my agnosticism regarding a future life, for I had not investigated the evidences of those who call themselves ‘Spiritualists.’”  His investigations would acquaint him with dozens of mediums and psychics and encompass three trips to America.  In the preface of the first of the two books providing a “record of investigation and spiritistic phenomena,” he observed:

To be brief, I found that the deeper I went into the study of Spiritism the more apparent it became that, whether he wished it or not, man’s individuality was not extinguished at death. I read books, visited clairvoyants, and attended séances for materialisation.  Through all I was constantly reminded of the existence of a near and dear relative, older than myself, who passed away thirty-seven years ago in the prime of her life.  Her continued reappearances could only lead me to one conclusion: I was being guided to a reconsideration of the problem of immortality. 

This relative is called in Moore’s books “Iola” — “a spirit name which she herself adopted to avoid the unpleasant complications that may arise as to her identity among those of her friends and relatives who are not educated in spiritism.”  Moore noted that “The word ‘spirit’ is used throughout [the book] as indicating a discarnate entity.  It is a loose term, but the one that is in general use, and therefore convenient.”  Iola manifesting in proximity to Moore would make evident the intelligence of the intermediary Force controlling the diverse phenomena that would become associated with the Spiritualism movement.