Orfeo Angelucci

“Orfeo Angelucci’s First Contact Experience”

“Orfeo Angelucci’s Second Contact Experience”

“The Planet Lucifer’s Destruction from The Secret of the Saucers”

“Orfeo Angelucci’s Strange Predicament”

“Bryant and Helen Reeve’s Commentary about Orfeo Angelucci”

“Visitors from the Ascended Realm in Comparison”

“More UFOs Over Warminster (Part 2)”

“Five Paranormal Encounters with Tiny People”

“Flying Saucer Contactees and the New Age”

“Son of the Sun by Orfeo Angelucci”

“Case Profile: Flying Saucer Contactee Orfeo Angelucci”

Michael X. Barton

“UFOlogy and Michael X Barton”

Truman Bethurum

“The Letters from Aboard a Flying Saucer”

“An Incident from Truman Bethurum’s Aboard a Flying Saucer”

“MP3Audio: Truman Bethurum 1954 Radio Interview”

“Bryant and Helen Reeve’s Commentary about Truman Bethurum”

“In Comparison: Four Transcendental Requests”

“A Flying Saucer Contactee’s Poetic Phase”

“Flying Saucer Contactees and the New Age”

“Case Profile: Flying Saucer Contactee Truman Bethurum (1898-1969)”

“Here Is UFOlogy’s ‘Bombshell Physical Proof'”

Daniel Fry

“Daniel Fry’s First Contact Experience”

“Beyond the White Sands Incident”

“Bryant and Helen Reeve’s Commentary about Daniel Fry”

“Flying Saucer Contactees and the New Age”

“Extra-Terrestrial ‘Alan’ On Energy Sources”

Dana Howard

“Reflections about UFOlogy”

“In Comparison: Four Transcendental Requests”

"My Flight to Venus 1954 Addendum by Dana Howard"

"The Remarkable Books of Dana Howard"

Arthur Shuttlewood

“The Warminster Mystery”

“Warnings from Flying Friends”

“Flying Saucer Contactees and the New Age”

“Arthur Shuttlewood’s Encounter with ‘Karne’ of the Planet ‘Aenstria'”


A few contactees were disinformation agents: “Pied Pipers of the CIA" (by Philip Coppens)

“Donald Keyhoe and Contactees”

“Some UFOlogy Recordings”

“Some UFOlogists Are at an Impasse”



(Space People / Regarding Space People)


Guy and Edna Ballard

Visitors from the Ascended Realm in Comparison”

“The Other Ascended Masters”

“Esoteric Doctrine of the Masters”

“Ascended Masters and the Sun”

"A Channeled Discourse Transcript of the 'Tall Master from Venus' 1937"

Thomas Jacobson

“On The Air with Thomas Jacobson Channeling ‘Dr. Peebles’ . . .”

“The New Age: ‘Dr. Peebles’ Channeled by Thomas Jacobson”

JZ Knight

“Ascended Masters and the Sun”

“JZ Knight and UFOs”

Ryuho Okawa

“Channeling – Discovering Our Divinity with Ryuho Okawa”

“More Excerpts from Ryuho Okawa’s Spiritual Interviews”

"UFO Videos and Photos - Ryuho Okawa's Investigation in Japan"

"Multiple Universes and Cosmology Unveiled By Channeled Space Beings"

"Excerpts from Ryuho Okawa's Channeling Sessions Involving 'Space Beings'"

Paulina Peavy

“Paulina Peavy Interview on Long John Nebel Radio Show 1958”

Mark Probert

“Bryant and Helen Reeve’s Flying Saucer Pilgrimage”

“Bryant and Helen Reeve’s Commentary about Mark Probert . . .”

“‘Speaking of Myself’ by Mark Probert (from The Magic Bag)”

“Portraits and Profiles of The Inner Circle ‘Teachers of Light'”

“Mark Probert and The Inner Circle”

“Yada Speaks”

“Excerpts from Lecture Transcripts of The Inner Circle . . .”

“Taking a Closer Look at ‘Unexplained Phenomena'”

“Ray Palmer’s Flying Saucer & Metaphysical Questions Answered . . .”

“Metaphysical Instruction from ‘Yada Di Shi’ite’ . . .”

“Self-Realization in the Aquarian Age – ‘The Inner Circle’ . . .”

“Expanding Your Consciousness with ‘The Inner Circle’”

“Guardians? The Name Has Some Historical Basis”

“Man’s ‘Oneness with Universal Consciousness’”

"A 1975 UFO Report Mentions 'Omniverse' and 'Teleportation'"

"UFOs / UAP / Flying Discs Scientifically Explained by 'Channeled Entities'"

"Perspectives of War from the Other Side"

Andrija Puharich / Dr. D. G. Vinod / Uri Geller

“Case Study: Uri by Andrija Puharich”

“Flying Saucers and ‘The Nine Pattern'”

“‘The Nine’ and the New Age”

"'The Council of Nine' On War, Israel, Nuclear Strikes, Peace and Elevating the Planet Earth"

Maureen Puddy

“The Maureen Puddy Case”

Phyllis V. Schlemmer

“UFOs – Key to the New Age”

“‘The Nine’ and the New Age”

“Cosmic Revelations from ‘Tom’ of ‘The Council of Nine'”

“To Save This Planet Earth”

“‘The Nine’ – Some Aspects of the Case for Reflection”

'The Council of Nine' On War, Israel, Nuclear Strikes, Peace and Elevating the Planet Earth 

Partana Vegan

“A New Foundation of Higher Consciousness (The Coming of ‘Telah’)”

“Excerpts from Telah Speaks by Partana Vegan 1961”

“Our Magnetic Universe and a New Age (from Telah Speaks)”


“Excerpts from Centrahoma Interview Transcripts”

“In Comparison: Four Transcendental Requests”

“Anomalous Phenomena – Considering the Basis for Disbelief and Fear”

“Crop Circle Reporting from the Early 1990s”‘


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Here is an excerpt from the article "Here Is UFOlogy's 'Bombshell Physical Proof":

For many decades, a multitude of contemporary people have seemed preoccupied with 'earning a living' while using their leisure hours entertaining themselves with the media franchises of 'popular culture' rather than attempting to discover how to expand their understanding of metaphysical and spiritual aspects of life.  Commercialized media reflecting cultural programming spanning many generations may leave one with few insights leading to knowing how to accomplish personal expansion of metaphysical understanding.


Turning one's attention to UFOlogy case chronologies describing contact by space people, Truman Bethurum chronicled how he had been given two objects that constitute 'physical proof' of his testimonials.  Images of these two letters and English translations are included in his book Aboard a Flying Saucer as first detailed by this blogger in an article published in 2012.  Truman's initial encounter with "space people" was reported to have occurred on July 27, 1952 and the case study book published in 1954.  During the conversation with Truman that preceded her giving him the two letters, the woman who became known to him as 'Captain Aura' is quoted as having told him: "There is more to this than meets the eye."


The book had been written with the assistance of experienced author Mary Kay Tennison.  Truman Bethurum (1898-1969) would eventually make available to readers his original notes of the visits in The Voice of the Planet Clarion (1957).  Truman's first book mentions George Adamski, whose case chronology lacks any bombshell physical proof (to say the least).  Adamski had written about having made "personal contact with a man from another world" in Flying Saucers Have Landed published in September 1953.  Adamski invited Truman for a visit so that the two of them could compare experiences.  The visit took place in July 1953 and Adamski made a tape recording of Truman talking about his contact encounters.  Adamski then publicized Truman's case and the result was surprising.  Truman recalled how his life with his wife in Redondo Beach, California suddenly changed: "Our doorbell began to ring mornings before we could even have our breakfast, and it hardly stopped for an intermission all day long and far into the night."


Along with the three other contactee case chronologies profiled in previous blog articles, Truman's case makes evident how each man became an initiate to a Universal Source articulated in comparable ways by each individual entity among the communicating space people . . .