‘Deep Trance,’ ‘Overshadowing’ or ‘Total Takeover’


Arigo (Jose Pedro de Freitas)

“Spiritual Healing”

“Arigo Case Study: ‘A Mystery and a Challenge for Science'”

Maurice Barbanell

“Maurice Barbanell: Journalist for the Power of the Spirit”

“Channeling ‘Silver Birch’ (In Comparison with Other Cases)”

“The Mediumship of Mr. Barbanell”

“Life and the Afterlife Explained from the Other Side”

"Perspectives of War from the Other Side"

Ray Brown

The Ray Brown/’Paul’ Trance Healer Case”

“Trance Healer Autobiography: A Mere Grain of Sand”


“Raymond’s Other Guides”

“2015: Ray Brown and ‘Paul’ vs. ‘Assumed Imperative'”

“Trance Healer Ray Brown and ‘Paul’ in 2016”

“What Do People Ignorant about ‘Channeling’ Find Unbelievable . . .?”

“Channeling – Paul’s Comments about Jesus and Life’s Purpose”

Edgar Cayce

“Channeled Perspectives of the Brain”

“A Meditation on Christ Consciousness . . .”

“On ‘Ra-Ta’ from the Edgar Cayce Channeled Reading Transcripts”

“The Second Coming”

“Explaining the ‘Second Coming'”

“David Kahn’s Life with Edgar Cayce”

“How David Kahn Met Edgar Cayce”

“Case Profile: Edgar Cayce”

“Esoteric Aspects of Edgar Cayce’s Life”

“Hugh Lynn Cayce and Psychic Phenomena”

“Channeled Perspectives of the Brain”

“Guidelines for Spiritual Healing”

"Perspectives of War from the Other Side"

Mrs. J. H. Conant


“Trance Channeling in the 19th Century”

Andrew Jackson Davis

“Andrew Jackson Davis – Psychic and Channeler”

“The Starnos Compendium”

“Reminiscences of Andrew Jackson Davis”

Rubens Faria

“William Moreira’s 1995 Letter to U.S. Media . . .”

“The ‘Paranormal’ In Perspective”

“Marcia’s Healing (from “Dr. Fritz” The Phenomenon of the Millennium)”

“‘The Dr. Fritz Phenomenon'”

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Arthur Ford

“Transcending the Prevailing Journalism about Paranormal Topics”

“Case Profile: Trance Medium Arthur Ford and ‘Control Spirit’ ‘Fletcher'”

“Arthur Ford’s Reflections about His Trance Seances for Mrs. Houdini”

“Trance Medium Arthur Ford and The Sun Myung Moon Sittings”

“Some ‘Evidence’ of The Divine Mind”

Eileen Garrett

“Channeled Perspectives of the Brain”

“Transcendental Communications from ‘Abduhl Latif'”

“Some Reflections about Channeling and the Creative Process”

“Spiritual Healing”

“Taking a Closer Look at ‘Unexplained Phenomena'”

“Eileen Garrett and the ‘Fantastic Territory'”

“Eileen Garrett and Ira Progoff’s Trance Medium Research . . .”

“In Comparison: Four Transcendental Requests”

“Some Observations about ‘Channeling'”

‘”Trance Mediumship’ Session Accounts . . .”

Julia Greef

“Channeled Perspectives of the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Bárbara Guerrero ('Pachita')

"Andrija Puharich and Miraculous Trance Healer Pachita"

Gordon Higginson

“Video Clips of Medium Gordon Higginson (1918-1993) are Available . . .”

“Gordon Higginson’s Visitor from the Ascended Realm”

“On The Side Of Angels: The Life Story of Gordon Higginson”

Daniel Dunglas Home

“Trance Communication and D. D. Home”

“No. 1 Seance from Experiences in Spiritualism with Mr. D. D. Home”

"Case Profile: Daniel Dunglas Home (1833-1886)"

Helen Hughes

“Evolution of a Medium”

Thomas Jacobson

“What Do People Ignorant about ‘Channeling’ Find Unbelievable . . .?”

“Channeled Perspectives of the Brain (Part 2)”

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“On The Air with Thomas Jacobson Channeling ‘Dr. Peebles’ . . .”

“The New Age: ‘Dr. Peebles’ Channeled by Thomas Jacobson”

“Transcendental Communication and Environmental Warnings”

"Channeled Perspectives Relating to Woke LGBTQ+ Issues" 

John of God (João de Deus/João Teixeira da Faria)

“Spirituality & Health: Healing Spirits of Brazil”

“An Introduction to Healer John of God”

“John of God and the Media”

“John of God: Journey to the Spirit World”

“Taking a Closer Look at ‘Unexplained Phenomena'”

“John of God vs. Assumed Imperative

“What People Should Know about Spiritual Healer John of God”

Douglas Johnson

“John and Elizabeth Fuller’s . . . Paranormal Discoveries”

JZ Knight

“How JZ Knight Became the Channeler of Ramtha”

“Ramtha: An Introduction to Unlimitedness”

“Ramtha’s Life (as Told to JZ Knight)”

“Ramtha: Voyage to the New World”

“A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Reality”

“Ramtha Intensive: Soulmates”

“Ascended Masters and the Sun”

“Ramtha’s 2014 Interview”

“Ramtha, The White Book”

“Remote Viewing Is Easy (My Introduction to JZ Knight and Ramtha)”

“Ramtha in Los Angeles 2006”

“Unknown Places of the Earth: Ramtha and John Dee’s Spiritual Diary”

“A Master’s Reflection on the History of Humanity”

“Ramtha In Perspective”

“Taking a Closer Look at ‘Unexplained Phenomena'”

“Some Observations about ‘Channeling'”

“Channeling News Considered” '”

"Corollary to My Article 'UFOlogy and Seance Phenomena Correlations . . .'"

"Channeled Perspectives Relating to Woke LGBTQ+ Issues"

"'Ramtha' On War (Channeled by JZ Knight) with Evidence for Omnipresent Spiritual Oneness"

Gladys Osborne Leonard

“Gladys Osborne Leonard’s Steps to Trance Mediumship . . .”

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Riz Mirza

"Five Videos of 'Channeled Entities' Speaking Through Riz Mirza"

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"Essential Transcendental Revelations for Leaders of Paperwork Principalities Today"

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“Considering Diverse Initiations for Metaphysical and Spiritual Insights”

Hannah Mumler (wife of William Mumler)

“The Phenomenal Photograph of Mary Todd Lincoln”

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“Excerpts from Ryuho Okawa’s Spiritual Interviews”

“UFO Videos and Photos – Ryuho Okawa’s Investigation in Japan”

"An Interview with the 'Guardian Spirit of George Lucas'"

"Considering the Predicament of Being Channeler Ryuho Okawa (1956-2023)"

"Reflections about a Channeled Description of Hell"

"'A Tour of Modern Hell Experienced During Sleep' Described by Ryuho Okawa"

"Journeys to the Spirit World As Described by Ryuho Okawa"

"Multiple Universes and Cosmology Unveiled By Channeled Space Beings"

"Excerpts from Ryuho Okawa's Channeling Sessions Involving 'Space Beings'"

"Channeled Perspectives Relating to Woke LGBTQ+ Issues" 

Paulina Peavy

“Paulina Peavy Interview on Long John Nebel Radio Show 1958”

Mark Probert

“Bryant and Helen Reeve’s Flying Saucer Pilgrimage”

“Bryant and Helen Reeve’s Commentary about Mark Probert . . .”

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“Taking a Closer Look at ‘Unexplained Phenomena'”

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“. . .’Yada Di Shi’ite’ . . . Q&A Transcript Mystic Magazine 1955”

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“Expanding Your Consciousness with ‘The Inner Circle’”

“Guardians? The Name Has Some Historical Basis”

“Man’s ‘Oneness with Universal Consciousness’”

"A 1975 UFO Report Mentions 'Omniverse' and 'Teleportation'"

"UFOs / UAP / Flying Discs Scientifically Explained by 'Channeled Entities'"

"Perspectives of War from the Other Side"

Jach Pursel

“The New Age: ‘Lazaris’ Channeled by Jach Pursel”

“Channeled Perspectives of the Brain (Part 2)”

“Considering Authentic ‘Channeling'”

“Channeled Perspectives of the COVID-19 Pandemic”

“Considering Individual Identity and the Desire for Transcendence”

"Channeled Perspectives Relating to Woke LGBTQ+ Issues" 

Estelle Roberts

“Maurice Barbanell On the Different Aspects of Estelle Roberts’s Mediumship”

Jane Roberts

“Channeled Reincarnation Scenarios”

“Basic Metaphysical Teachings in ‘Channeling’ Cases”

“Case Profile: Jane Roberts – The ‘Channel’ for ‘Seth'”

“Jane Roberts/’Seth’: Developments in the Sessions 1964-1969 . . .”

“Jane Roberts/’Seth’: Developments In the Sessions 1971 . . .”

“A Road to Expanded Spiritual Awareness with Jane Roberts . . .”

“Transcendental Communication and Jonathan Livingston Seagull”

“Transcendental Communication and Environmental Warnings”

"Perspectives of War from the Other Side"

Pat Rodegast

“Considering Individual Identity and the Desire for Transcendence”

Neville Rowe

“Some Observations about ‘Channeling'”

"Channeled Perspectives Relating to Woke LGBTQ+ Issues" 

Kevin Ryerson

“‘Spirit Communication’ Through Kevin Ryerson”

“Transcendental Perspectives of Christ and Jesus (Part 2)”

“Reflections about Reincarnation and Synchronicity”

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“Channeled Perspectives of the Brain (Part 2)”

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“Considering Individual Identity and the Desire for Transcendence”

“Transcript of a Channeling Session Seen Taking Place On a TV Show”

Phyllis V. Schlemmer

“UFOs — Key to the New Age”

“‘The Nine’ and the New Age”

“Cosmic Revelations from ‘Tom’ of ‘The Council of Nine'”

“To Save This Planet Earth”

“‘The Nine’ – Some Aspects of the Case for Reflection”

"Perspectives of War from the Other Side"

Paul Selig

“I Am The Word”

“Channeled Insights to Christ Consciousness”

“Considering Individual Identity and the Desire for Transcendence”

"Channeled Perspectives Relating to Woke LGBTQ+ Issues"

Dante StarShine

"Channeled Perspectives Relating to Woke LGBTQ+ Issues"

"'The Pleiadian Council' On Wars Today, Source/Oneness, the Media, Empowerment, and More" 

Ena Twigg

“Case Profile: Medium Ena Twigg”

“In Comparison: Four Transcendental Requests”

Dr. D. G. Vinod

“Case Study: Uri by Andrija Puharich”

“Flying Saucers and ‘The Nine Pattern'”

“‘The Nine’ and the New Age”


“Channeled Communication about The New Age . . .”

“New Thinking Is Needed in the New Age”

“Ten Channeled Perspectives of ‘Christ Consciousness'”

“Overlooked Dispensations of the Divine Mind”

“The Unobstructed Universe – A Paranormal Case Study Book”




Guy and Edna Ballard

“The Other Ascended Masters”

“Esoteric Doctrine of the Masters”

“Ascended Masters and the Sun”

“Supernormal Phenomena: Distinguishing Serious Research . . .”

“Visitors from the Ascended Realm in Comparison”

“Some Recordings of Channeling”

“Ten Channeled Perspectives of ‘Christ Consciousness’”

"A Channeled Discourse Transcript of 'Jesus Christ' 1935"

"Evidence of the Angelic Force Through Channeled Discourse Transcripts"

"The Consummate Cosmic Lesson that Preceded World War II — and Still Applies Now"

"An Example of the 'I AM Presence' In Action"

"The Nature of 'Ascended Masters'—and 'Space People'—Revealed"

"'Saint Germain' On God and The Devil, Fear, Spiritual Planes, Prophecies, Cataclysm, Love, Gossip, Expansion, and More"

"A Channeled Discourse Transcript of the 'Tall Master from Venus' 1937"

"YOUR Own Greatest Decision In Life Today Articulated by the Ascended Host"

"News Release: The Paranormal Case Chronology of Guy and Edna Ballard Has Now Been Profiled In-Depth — Evidently for the First Time Ever"

'Bertha Blatsky'

"Channeled Oration Transcripts of 'The Creator"

Rosemary Brown

“Rosemary Brown and the Media”

“Rosemary Brown Channeled Songs from John Lennon”

“Rosemary Brown’s Comments about Direct Voice Medium Leslie Flint”

“Channeled Reincarnation Scenarios”

"Case Profile: Rosemary Brown"

"Channeling — 'Bertrand Russell' On Human Individuality Amidst Society" 

Pearl Lenore Curran

“Patience Worth”

“Pearl Lenore Curran’s Reflections about ‘Patience Worth'”

“. . . Pearl Curran, ‘Miss Beauchamp,’ John Dee and Edward Kelly”

“Considering Evidence for the ‘Supernormal’ . . . ‘Patience Worth'”

Virginia Essene

"Virginia Essene Contemplated Her Channeling Ability 1986-1994"

"Timely Channeled Commentary of 'Jesus Christ' about Love, War and Peace"

Helen Greaves

“How Psychic Helen Greaves First Learned about Mediumship”

“A Period of Revelatory Dreams and Developing Clairaudience”

“Helen Greaves: Reflections about ‘Spiritual Inter-Communication'”

“Introduction to Testimony of Light”

“Testimony of Light”

“The Wheel of Eternity: How the Witness Learned about Her Task”

“The Wheel of Eternity: The Mistress and The Plan”

“The Wheel of Eternity: The Purpose Fulfilled”

“Helen Greaves: Her Prophetic Dream of the New Age”

“. . . Excerpts from Living Waters”

“Gifts of the Spirit”

Marjorie Livingston

“Dawn of the New Age: ‘Leader Writes'”

“The Aquarian Age”

“Transcendental Communication Transcripts . . .”

“Holistic Realizations”

Partana Vegan

“A New Foundation of Higher Consciousness (The Coming of ‘Telah’)”

“Excerpts from Telah Speaks by Partana Vegan 1961”

“Our Magnetic Universe and a New Age (from Telah Speaks)”



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This page presents transcript excerpts of three different ‘total takeover’ channeling cases as described in the article “Channeling ‘Silver Birch’ (In Comparison with Other Cases)”:

In his memoir Power of the Spirit, Maurice Barbanell recalled a seance in his youth where difficulties in his life were discussed with ‘Red Cloud’ speaking through the entranced Estelle Roberts.  Red Cloud informed him that nothing would continue to go right until he redeemed a promise made in a past life that he would devote the major portion of his career to psychic activities.  Maurice also attended Direct Voice seances where Red Cloud’s voice was heard and on one occasion even witnessed and touched the materialized form of Red Cloud.  The following excerpts of the transcendental communication of Red Cloud are from the Foreword of Red Cloud Speaks (Trance teachings through Estelle Roberts 1938)

From the four corners of the heavenly spheres there gathered together the Council of the higher worlds in space, and it was agreed that some of us should descend into the lower and heavier vibrations of earthly man.

My first thought upon contacting the earth was to find an instrument that would have sufficient strength of purpose to enable me to use her in the fulfillment of my mission. This I have accomplished.

Remember, “To know God is to love your fellow men; to worship God is to serve them; to believe in God is to succour them; and to see God is to bring peace amongst the nations.”

In comparison, the following are quotations from ‘channeled entities’ among two other of the best-known contemporary channeling cases.

‘Lazaris’ through Jach Pursel (from Lazaris Interviews Book 1 published in 1988):

As we say, we officially began communicating through Jach, the one we call the Channel, on October 3rd, 1974.  We had made contact with him much earlier in that year through his own meditative approaches — and indeed much to his surprise!  Our initial message to him (as he quite accurately reports it) was: “We will call you . . . not for you to call us.”  Through that period of time we rather made the initial adjustments — and completed the final adjustments — such as to make possible our communication without creating any distress or harm to the physical, mental or psychological form of the one who is the Channel.

Prior to that timing (according to your particular schedules it would be during several of his previous lifetimes) we had made contact with the Channel to nudge, to gently nudge and suggest (much without his knowing) certain evolutionary developments in preparation for this timing of October, 1974.  During his current lifetime, in his childhood and early adolescence, again we were ever so gently, ever so subtly nudging.  For above all we did not want to create any distress.  We wanted only to create the opportunity for his growth, for our interaction, and for the growth and evolution for those with whom we would be speaking.

We also enjoy talking with people about their past lives.  We hesitate as we say the term, for it is a misnomer since all lifetimes are concurrent.  All lifetimes are simultaneous and are only labeled “past” for the convenience of categorizing them.

‘John’ through Kevin Ryerson (from Spirit Communication: The Soul’s Path by Kevin Ryerson and Stephanie Harolde 1989):

The phenomenon that you call “spirit communication” is little more than a dialogue with entities identical to yourself.  As your progress, so in turn do the spirit guides and teachers about you progress.  Above all else, you promote one another’s well-being.  They are usually members of your soul group, but in the discarnate state.

Perhaps you knew them in past lives, or when you were discarnate and they incarnate, for there have been lifetimes when you have been discarnate and have given guidance from the other side through the trance state.  That is, you have been spirit guides in your own past lives.  In this way, the relationship parallels your relationships upon this plane.

In trance channeling, that which you term a discarnate personality is able to utilize the physical body for communication from planes beyond the realms of its normal five sensory patterns.  Such communications are for the advancement of the collective consciousness of mankind as a whole.

Mediumship or channeling is but a term for the focusing of spirit through the individual above and beyond the range of his own conscious faculties.  Each of you has this faculty and your meditations shall bring it unto you.  It is your guides and teachers who communicate with you and have dialogue.  But remember to pray only unto God.  Acknowledge the Father who is in heaven so that he may send a messenger unto you for the ministry of the angels.  And if you perceive God as love, this is the master you will serve.