Hard Evidence of Phenomena Usually Categorized as 'Paranormal'

“20 Articles with Evidence of 'Paranormal Phenomena' that Can Alter One's Perceptions about Life and Cosmology”

"75+ Authentic Photographs Offering Evidence / 'Proof' of 'Paranormal Phenomena'"

An Atheist in Heaven

“Anomalous Phenomena: A Forrest J Ackerman Pattern”

Apparitions of the virgin Mary

"The Ominous Supernatural Warning Messages of the 'virgin Mary' at Fatima and Garabandal"

"The New Paranormal Initiation and 'Bel-Marduk’'"

"Transcendental Communication from 'Our Lady of the Roses'"

"Transcendental Communication Transcripts As Evidence of Divine Intervention"

"Warning Apparitions of 'virgin Mary' — Testimonials with Blue Light or Blue"


Artificial Intelligence/robots

"Excerpts from Electronic Voices: Contact with Another Dimension by Anabela Cardoso"

"Contemplating a Future with Robots"

"Detailed Report of Jeff Greenhaw's Falkville Incident Alien Encounter Testimonial"

"Considering What Is 'Between the Lines' of 'Generative AI' Communication"


Crop Circles

“Bryce Bond and the Warminster Mystery”

“Flying Saucers and ‘The Nine Pattern'”

“Crop Circle Reporting from the Early 1990s"



"2009 Bigfoot Conference Occurs Today in Texas"

"Julia Pastrana and Her Tribe"

"UFOlogy In Review - The Most Important Comprehension"


John Dee

“Some Further Observations about the ‘Michael’ Pattern”

” . . . Pearl Curran, ‘Miss Beauchamp,’ John Dee and Edward Kelly”

“John Dee and Edward Kelly’s Visitor from the Ascended Realm”

“Unknown Places of the Earth: Ramtha and John Dee’s Spiritual Diary”

“Case Profile: John Dee”

Dissociative Identity Disorder

"Dissociative Identity Disorder Phenomena: Two Current Perspectives"

"Dissociative Identity Disorder and The God Force"


Philo T. Farnsworth

“Excerpts from the Philo T. Farnsworth Biography by Elma Farnsworth”

“Philo T. Farnsworth and Controlled Nuclear Fusion”

“Case Study: Philo and Elma Farnsworth”


Greenbrier Ghost

“Greenbrier Ghost”

Heart Transplant Effects

"Heart Transplants and the Soul: A Current Perspective"

"What Occurred When Claire Sylvia Awoke Following the Transplant of a New Heart"

"Considering Heart Transplant Energy Cardiology"


Homeboy’s Soul

“Homeboy’s Soul by Don Armijo and Fred Stawitz”

Prahlad Jani

“Daily Telegraph: ‘Man claims to have had no food or drink for 70 years'”


Joan of Arc

“Joan of Arc”


Saint Joseph of Copertino

“Pure Inspiration: The Flying Saint”


Little Crow

“‘The Sacredness of All Things’ — My Notes of a 1996 Lecture by Little Crow (1933-2004)”


Messages from Michael

“Messages from Michael”

Metaphysical Topics and Social Media

"30 Metaphysical / Paranormal Twitter Posts of Mine Are Displayed"

"Considering the Mentalities of Reddit Website Participants"


William Dudley Pelley

"The William Dudley Pelley Transcendental Communication Case Chronology Shares Difficult Lessons"


Jill Price

“The Unusual Mentality of Jill Price”


Frank Romano

“Storm Over Morocco”

“Love and Terror in the Middle East”


Twin Telepathy

“Twin Telepathy by Guy Lyon Playfair


Voice Hearing

"Hearing Voices: A Common Human Experience"

"Martin Luther King Jr. and the Inner Voice"

"A Wounded Journalist's Battlefield Experience of 'Voice Hearing'"



"84 Paranormal Evidence Videos — Links and Article Source Links"


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Here is an excerpt from the article “Joan of Arc” providing an example of miscellaneous paranormal cases that are commonly misunderstood due to sources of disinformation:

Although detailed documentation of the life of Joan of Arc has been preserved, the records cannot be considered to provide verbatim accounts of Joan’s commentary, as Donald Spoto suggested in Joan: The Mysterious Life of the Heretic Who Became a Saint (2007):

During Joan’s trial hundreds of questions were put to her by the Church court.  The interrogations of ecclesiastical judges and theological inquisitors, along with her replies, were recorded each day in French by the chief notary, Guillaume Manchon, and by his two assistants, Guillaume Colles (also called Boisguillaume) and Nicholas Taquel.  Every evening the three men compared, collated, and corrected their notes.  The original of this document is lost to us, but notarized copies have been preserved at the Bibliothèque Municipale in Orléans.

The final and official register of the trial, prepared at the order of the chief judge, Bishop Pierre Cauchon, was based on Manchon’s minutes but included much more: in fact, Cauchon ordered the record deliberately falsified at crucial points in order to secure Joan’s condemnation and execution.  The trial document was completed in Latin by Thomas Courcelles, who was himself one of Joan’s judges.