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“A Book Chronicling Direct Voice Communication: Behold I Live”

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Here is an excerpt from the article “Metaphysical Lessons of the Leslie Flint ‘Direct Voice’ Recordings”:

Leslie Flint appraised the entities who came to speak: " . . . all of them had something interesting, informative or uplifting to say which was recorded on tape . . ."  He wrote in his autobiography about the first sitters to make tape recordings of his seances, George Woods and Betty Greene: ". . . they always recorded their sittings on tape so that others might share their experience . . ."

Other collections of recordings available at are named after those patrons responsible for the sittings: the Cook Sisters or Lynn Russell; while others are named after recurring voices such as those recognizable as that of Annie Nanji or of Douglas Conacher.  The complexity of the manifesting personalities was considered in a previous blog article.  Many recordings feature at the beginning and conclusion Flint's control 'Mickey,' whose humorous orations put people at ease upon dealing with profound questions of oneself and life beyond our earthly sphere of existence.

There are many illustrious communicator names to be found among the recordings, such as: Charles Dickens, Sir Winston Churchill, St. Francis of Assisi, Herbert Hoover, Thomas Jefferson, Louis Pasteur, George Bernard Shaw, Rabindranath Tagore and Queen Victoria.  There are as many communicators who led Earth lives without achieving worldly renown.  A communicator voice identified as "Chinese Man" is heard to say: "I have lived on your planet back centuries ago to China.  I have been called by several names.  And I do not feel there would be any advantage for you to know the name by which I was known . . . We are not in a world that is three-dimensional.  We are in a world that is fourth dimensional which you could not possibly conceive or understand.  It's beyond your comprehension."