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Here is an excerpt from the article “Instrumental Transcommunication”:

Breakthroughs in Technical Spirit Communication by Dr. Theo Locher and Maggy Harsch-Fischbach was published in 1997. In Chapter Two “We share our ITC experiences,” Maggy Harsch-Fischbach related what happened in 1986 during an experimental session utilizing a new two-way ITC set-up, 'GA1.'  One evening she and her husband heard a click followed by a deep voice saying “This is Konstantin Raudive, soon it will work everywhere!”  This is how she described what followed. 

The River of Eternity stretches out approximately 100 million kilometers (60 million miles).  Along its banks live those who were once living on Earth.  There are animals here.  Vegetation varies from algae to mammoth trees.  Many buildings are made of wood.

At the end of the growth or rejuvenation process most people will be 25-30 years old.  Animals will be at an age of vitality and well being, since ethical factors are not involved here.  Damaged tissue or broken bones regenerate just like wounds heal in your world but much more perfect.  Lost limbs will regrow.  The blind will see again, and so on.  The color of your hair and skin cannot be changed and will be the same as it was during your Earth life.  Here in the river world, beings arrive from all levels of life.  Gnomes and giants live together with formless beings and the former human inhabitants of planet Earth.  Doubles who were joined but lived on parallel worlds do not live together at the same area of the river.